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I used to date this gal on the volleyball team. She wasn't a looker, but those little bun huggers drove me nuts. Gave me an excuse to sit courtside and watch all the ladies jump, dive and jiggle in their spanky pants. Today, they wear more of the boycut shorts, but it's still spandex and as you can see below, they have a lot of fun in them. Check out the buns and check out the extensive collection of super high resolution photos of volleyball gals inside this site.

We are constantly snapping and collecting pics of cheerleaders in action, capturing their incredible routines and candid moments.

Girls in leotards. What else can I say? Beam straddles, VPL's, errant undergarments slipping out from underneath the skin tight outfits, gymnasts are incredible. Thousands of images of these fantastic athletes lay in high resolution galleries within this site. Enjoy these samples.

A personal favorite of ours. Sometimes the best thing about the beach or pool is the lifeguards. Those speedo suits with "guard" emblem on them makes the gals that protect our lives seem like police in tight spandex, ready press their lips to ours and breathe precious life back into our limp bodies. Yay. Having been a lifeguard, I remember one of the most exciting experiences was training on the backboard. When we had to strap one of our fellow female students to the board for demonstration, the heavy nylon straps would bear down on the most inconvenient of areas. Enjoy the samples below.

This is quickly becoming a favorite sport of ours. Long gone are the spanky pants and bloomers once worn by field hockey girls and lacrosse players, not to mention volley ball girls. Sadly, the trend has gone to the boy shorts - hot pants - which in my opinion, cover too much. But, the Netball girls are still sporting the briefs under their short skirts, and the pros uniforms are out of this world. We have an ever intensifying mass of Netball gals from around the world. Enjoy these samples.

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